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Platinum Ecommerce
Website Package

Our Platinum Websites are a true push of skill.


We team up with a Design House in the UK to bring a website design that’s truly a work of art.
From the Header to the Footer, every single pixel on the screen is analyzed and scrutinized and custom created for the website.

Buttons, Forms, Titles, Backgrounds, even the backgrounds to the Navigation and Footer bars are painstakingly designed to fit the website perfectly, no element to the design is stock or generic in any way.


Each element to the website, be it the text, pictures, custom made headers, or anything else, are designed in such a way that they create a sense of focus when a user visits your website. The carefully selected and built animations add to the custom look and feel leaving the user with the perfect psychological impression of your business as a leader in your field.


Each page is carefully laid out and custom built to display the content perfectly.
Blog posts are custom designed to reflect your business as well.
Any needed custom design work to any element would be added from our UK Design partner.

Custom Functionality:

No two websites are the same and so our developers will custom build software for your website to finish the form and functionality of your design.
From the back end to the front end, we will custom develop the software to make it easy for you to manage or create new content and have it displayed perfectly in the front end in the custom pages that are ready to receive the information for perfect layout. 


Our Platinum Ecommerce Package is ideal for a brilliant and unique shopping experience that will rival the biggest websites on the internet.
From purchasing to payment, each part is carefully created and displayed with absolute custom precision.

No matter what product or service you wish to sell we will create the process and layout from scratch to fit your business.

We create a direct link into Google to display your products directly inside their search results on the top of the first page.

We have a POS system that can be used by you to sell your items within your own store that links directly into the website making stock control easy and effortless.

Custom built software can and will be built into your website to make every part of it as eye catching as possible while hiding the complexity underneath for you to control effortlessly.

The Platinum range also come with our great service package :

♦  Unlimited Pages
♦  Original Once-off Design (No templates)
♦  Free Hosting
♦  Free UNLIMITED Email addresses
♦  Google Maps integration
♦  Social Media Integration
♦  Blogging System
♦  Free Website Modifications
♦  24/7 Support

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