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Warm Greetings to all business owners, soon to be business owners and slashers.Welcome to SME Portal’s first blog post.

Let’s kick things off by introducing SME Portal to you. SME Portal was founded with one goal in mind. To help entrepreneurs and business owners on their quest for success. How would we accomplish this you ask? Well… lets paint the picture…

The business climate in South Africa is a tough one, actually business in general is tough, if it were easy, everyone would be in business.We have millions of resilient men and women rolling the dice and going for it. Some hold their day jobs and hustle after hours, on weekends, and even during breaks. Some take a leap of faith and quit their jobs. As the poker expression goes “going all in” , this for most business men and women means giving up all their savings, the comfort that a monthly salary brings, even their sleep. We respect these men and women. We know it’s not easy. Most of these hopefuls do  not even know the market that they are getting into let alone know HOW to run a business. There are many facets to a business, so the early stages of a business are usually about getting the regulatory stuff done, and all the other formalities that come with it. Our aim is to make things easier, to create an environment where one should never struggle to register a business, create a business identity, get an online presence or even market your business. We are the business support specialists, we are your side, and if we’re on your side, it means we are a team, right? So as your team mate, we’re committed to servicing you and your business with all the support needed without it costing an arm and a leg. There are loads of free stuff too, as well as great opportunities. Keep an eye out for our future articles were will address various areas of business, we will unpack this whole thing called business and deliver to you in a meaning full way.

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