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We’re all about making your business better. Our aim is to provide you with support services that not only improve your business but also gives you the time to focus on expanding your entrepreneurial portfolio. Our approach is designed to set your business up so that it becomes easier to manage and you can focus on other areas that need your attention. We offer custom designed Supply Chain Solutions, which entails assessing your business from supplier to customer. Within this scope there are risks as well as areas for improvement, which we report on and correct. We take a strong approach towards Inventory Management, Procurement Management, and Information Management. Our other service offering includes, Graphic Design, to give your business the best possible image, Website Design & Development to get your business online or improve your current online presence, Legal Services focusing largely on Commercial Contracts so you take a proactive approach towards managing your contractual risk. Our vision is to be the number one go to agency that will be able to provide business with all the support services needed to thrive. 

Our Services

Inventory Management

One of the most valuable assets your business has is its inventory.It is also one of the most high risk. It has the potential to put the business in a stronger or weaker position. When it comes to inventory, careful consideration is needed. Our specialists can set up or improve your current system.


Procurement is quite a broad concept but whether you employ all or some of it’s theories, our approach is one of continually improving current processes as well as introducing new ones. This is a critical part of business and if done correctly can not only improve turnaround time to your customer but also save your business money. We offer various options within this service from assessing your current system and improving on it to completely or partially outsourcing your procurement to us

Graphic Design

Our service is designed to give your business the basics needed for that pro look. From Logos to Flyers, our service and price won’t disappoint you.

Website Design

Looking for a Responsive Website Package? As a client, you can take advantage of our incredible prices and speedy services.Our Responsive Website packages start from a Business Website design to a complete Platinum WordPress CMS suite with all the bells and whistles.

Legal Services

Our  legal services offering is aimed at ensuring that our clients and their businesses are as well protected as possible from exposure to risk in terms of non-compliance with legal obligations, labour issues and inadequately drafted commercial contracts. This is specifically for those companies who do not have in-house legal counsel. Many companies are not aware of the risks that they are exposed to on a daily basis, not just in terms of the obvious safety issues but also in terms of employee relations and commercial aspects. It is only when things go wrong that these things become apparent and often it is too late to do much to rectify things at that stage.We would like to assist our clients by first helping them to identify the risks that they are exposed to and putting measures in place to either eliminate those risks or mitigate them as far as possible

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