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SME Portal is a business services company founded with you the entrepreneur in mind.

We provide services that make your life easier, leaving you with valuable time to take care of your client

From Business Plans, Legal Contracts, Websites and more, let us assist in getting your business off the ground or take it to new heights

Our Services

Business Plans

Every business needs direction, be it on the marketing side, the operational side or even the financials. Our belief is that a plan is never set it stone, it’s is always evolving, continually improving. 

With monthly packages as well as buy out options, we can tailor make a plan for your business. Services include, weekly amendments as well as a monthly dashboard to see your actuals versus your projections.

Logo Design

Trying to make your business stand out from the crowd?
Why not try our professional logo design service where you get to give your business the identity it needs.
They say first impressions last and with our logo designs you’re sure to make a lasting impression in the market place.
With SME Portal, not only will you get a flawless and unique design but you will be blown away at our pricing.
SME Portal…Your Business Support Partner!

Content Creation

Are you in need of Content Services to increase your Business visibility?
SME Portal is in place to handle your Content needs, our professional team will create brand awareness through any or all avenues!

Website Design

Looking for a Responsive Website Package?
As a client, you can take advantage of our incredible prices and speedy services.

Our Responsive Website packages start from a Business Website design to a complete Platinum WordPress CMS suite with all the bells and whistles.

Legal Services

Our  legal services offering is aimed at ensuring that our clients and their businesses are as well protected as possible from exposure to risk in terms of non-compliance with legal obligations, labour issues and inadequately drafted commercial contracts. This is specifically for those companies who do not have in-house legal counsel. 

Many companies are not aware of the risks that they are exposed to on a daily basis, not just in terms of the obvious safety issues but also in terms of employee relations and commercial aspects. It is only when things go wrong that these things become apparent and often it is too late to do much to rectify things at that stage.

We would like to assist our clients by first helping them to identify the risks that they are exposed to and putting measures in place to either eliminate those risks or mitigate them as far as possible.

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